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You only have to glance to see the quality; we are rapt with the finished product and Brian’s customer service, nothing was ever a hassle…

Brian Carroll

Unique Sails


Brian Carroll, a qualified sailmaker for over 40 years has a service loft in Paynesville. He as a child, then an adult has been visiting the Riviera for many years, so decided to make the sea-change! Being an avid sailor, he has been playing with boats all his life and at a very young age decided sailmaking was to be his profession. Under the steady of eye of Frank Hammond and John Bertrand (respectively) he served his four-year apprenticeship, then continued to work for both gents at differing times for many years before flying the coop for Unique Sails to be born. The ‘club’ logo, is a legacy to one of his father’s best Sailfish boats named ‘Ace of Clubs’, and the green well don’t ask!

Unique Sails can do anything nautical such as; new sails, repairs, alterations, boat covers, boat clears, sail covers plus more. Nothing is impossible; if Brian cannot do it then it cannot be done – he also has a commercial boat licence if you need a helping hand on the water.

Brian continues to enhance our jobs with his ability to find a solution to often challenging tasks; being a sailmaker is a bonus. Unique in every way.




Brian has been sailing since the age of seven and raced everything from dinghies to keelboats to one design. Sailing in a number of classes has given the edge of knowing and understanding the class requirements of good design for fast sails.

Unique Sails service expands from new sails, repairs and alterations for dinghies, keelboats and trailer sailers; racing and cruising sails, spinnakers, jibs, and genoas. All style of covers ranging from but not limited to boat covers, boom covers and boom tents


Working in the heart of the Gippsland Lakes; there is every possible water craft on the lakes… and power is no exception.

Unique Sails is proud of the work captured for powerboats, cruisers and classic boats including clears, mesh screens, boat covers, canvas work, dodgers, biminis and anchor winch covers plus much more.


With a service loft in Paynesville fully equipped with an array of reliable equipment, Unique Sails is capable of most tasks that require the use of a sewing machine and the like.

Let your imagination wander, from wheel, winch, anchor-winch and hatch covers to centre-board and rudder covers for dinghies, stand-up-paddleboard (sup) covers and even trophy carry bags or maybe a fuselage cover…too many options to mention.

I had the opportunity to use Unique Sails for new enclosures on our power catamaran: dealing with Brian was an absolute pleasure and the finished product was second-to-none. We will use Unique Sails again for new clears on new sailing catamaran…           

Sailmaker Paynesville


materials and process

Being a class measurer for many years, Brian has an extensive understanding of class rules and will develop sails to suit the sailor’s ability, boat all within class rules. All non-sail projects from Unique Sails are custom made; once the customer has approved the quote and timing, each job is individually patterned and manufactured to meet the customer’s brief.

With access to numerous suppliers in Victoria, interstate and overseas, Unique Sails will only use the best materials available; sailcloths from Contender and Bainbridge ranging from dacron, mylar, composites to kevlar….and substrates for covers by WeatherMAX 80, Sunbrella, Vistaweave and Stamoid, not forgetting Achilles Rollglass or Renolit Seaflex for clears.